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Service, Science, and Common Sense


I am Jessica Giammalvo, candidate for Aurora City Council in Ward 2.   I am a proud Veteran of the U.S Army and an equally proud resident of Aurora. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and a Master of Science degree in Computer Science.  I currently work as a Software Product Owner for one of the defense contracting companies that call our great city home. 

As a Product Owner it is my job to understand the needs of our users.  I work with our customers to understand what they need, and then bring that information back to the development team to ensure we are building the right software.  It doesn't matter if I think the tools we build are great, if it doesn't do what the users need it to the program will be useless.  That is exactly the responsibility of our City Council - to understand the needs of the residents, and bring that information back to the council to inform the decision making process.  It is, and should be, that simple.  But this can only be accomplished when the Product Owners (Council members) put aside their own opinions and work for the people. 

Don't worry if you've missed all of my political connections and experience on this page - because I have none.  I am a hard-science, reason and logic based everyday citizen of Aurora.  I believe our government could use a bit more of that these days. I am running not as a set-up for my next office or to build a resume.  I am running because we must have servant leaders who will base decisions on logic and not loyalty to party and develop sound policies in pragmatism not political infighting. 

My time in the service prepared me well for this type of scenario.  In the Army (or any service for that matter) you have to work with, build, eat, respect, lead, and sometimes follow people who are as different from you as night is from day!  I am a woman.  I have at times been in charge of men and some people have strong feelings about that. You have devoutly religious serving with people of different or no religious belief at all. But, through it all the abiding sense of duty and devotion beyond self-interests allowed us to build a team and accomplish any and every task great or small. I want to bring these team building skills  and put them to work for our city along with a decision making process that is data driven.  For me that means each vote I make will be looked at and studied through one lens.  That lens comes down to one simple question.  Is this vote “For the good of the City?”  This is the basis of my campaign and the reason for my candidacy.  I wish to serve the people of Ward II and use my voice and experience “For the Good of the City.”

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